Ghosts in the Lens

Carrick’s latest album was released in February 2022 after 3 years of hard work. All the tracks are written and performed by Carrick. They also designed and produced the artwork for the album with the exception of the hand-drawn pictures accompanying each set of song lyrics which were beautifully drawn by Mark White.

To get your copy, you can email and they will send you details to pay (£5 plus p&p) and then post your copy out to you including a free download code for Ghosts in the Lens (so you have it on MP3) and also their first album, Face to Face. Alternatively, you can download Ghosts in the Lens from Bandcamp at Ghosts in the Lens | Carrick ( for £5.

You can even go and watch them perform at any gig and buy it straight from them – they’ll even sign it for you!

Happy listening!

Review of ‘Ghosts in the Lens’