Caroline has been playing instruments since she was 8 years old.  A multi- instrumentalist (or self-confessed instrument flousey!) she plays a wide range of instruments: flute, cajon, U-Bass, fiddle, bodhran (Irish drum) piano and guitar.  At the same time as swapping instruments, she adds great vocals and harmonies.  Her passion has always been folk music and when she was younger her focus was Irish music.  She has gained a variety of experience playing as a solo artist, in duos, trios and a variety of bands playing in pubs, clubs, private functions and festivals including Moseley Folk Festival.  When not performing, she likes to write her own songs as well as contributing vocals and instrumental tracks to various other musician’s albums.


Rich first picked up the guitar at the age of 12.  After a brief stint with acoustic and folk songs he turned his attention to the electric guitar.  Having played for over 20 years with various rock bands supporting the likes of Fish and The Damned, he has now gone back to his roots and has rediscovered his love of acoustic and folk music.  His combination of strong vocals and great talent on the guitar, mandocello and tenor guitar make him a versatile and interesting performer.  Rich is a great front man and tells an amusing story or two between songs.  He also composes beautiful and catchy songs.